Best Sports Streaming Websites On Internet

sports streaming sites

Best Sports Streaming Websites On Internet

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Not too long ago, the Spanish autonomous televisions were the ones who decided which football match to broadcast. This means that if that week there was a Real Madrid – Barcelona, ​​100% sure that we would see it open. But, like all of life, sport has become an increasingly lucrative business for content companies, and now we can only see one game a week, but almost no one cares about it since they emit games of the Equipment of the classification queue. If someone is very fond of football, it is understandable that you hire some sports package of some television service but, for those who just want to see a game from time to time, it is best to watch football online and free.

sports streaming sites

Next, we will propose some webs where you can enjoy soccer games that are broadcast in streaming. The pages are not placed in order of quality or importance, but they have been added as we have visited them. The best thing is to have them controlled, especially if what we want is to see an important match that is likely to be on several websites but with the dropped links.

Before we start, we’ll tell you what the pros and cons of watching online football games are. At first, everything sounds very nice, and it may be, but it can also be desperate.

Advantages Of Watching Football Online

It’s free. Logical, right?
We can watch almost any football match. The good thing is that they do not only put links to games in our league but also that we can find matches of other leagues, of selections, etc.
We just need a web browser.

Cons Of Watching Streaming Matches

Image quality and not very good sound. It is rare to find a link with good quality of image and sound, but it is logical if we consider that we are watching it in streaming and (almost) direct.
Excessive advertising. The websites that offer us football games are infested with publicity, so much so that it can be desperate. Sometimes a popup appears in the middle of the match, and we have to wait 10 seconds to close it, that is another, that sometimes a false X appears so that we click on advertising.

At times, we have to look at the account, which can also lead to despair. If the game is the classic of the Spanish league, we will have lots of links, but many will fall while we see them. Is this why we offer you so many options in this list? It is best to have patience.

The links fall. Or rather, they may fall. You need Flash Player. Even Adobe has said that we uninstall it for being insecure. It would be rare to find a website that offers live matches that work with HTML5.
It’s not 100% live. The regular thing is that we watch the games, with luck, with half a minute of delay. That it is not a problem? If you have neighbors who shout “Gol” when they write down something, you will find out before you have seen it for yourself.
Direct Red
direct red

Roja Directa is the veteran in this to see sport by Internet. He has tried to close it many times, which shows his potential. We have games from all leagues and not only that since we have links to a lot of sports. It offers links to many other websites that are hosting sporting events. Roja Directa has to be in a highlighted position in this list.

If it is blocked in Spain, that there is always the possibility of the complaints received, you can access from anonymous or with the Tor browser (but I think it is more comfortable Anonymouse).


When a page like Direct Red puts many links from the web and over looks good, it is interesting to take a look at that web. That happens with Futbolarg, an Argentine website that offers games of all kinds. The comments usually have an Argentine accent, but that does not matter. It is even positive since their opinions are more objective if we see it from Spain because they do not have a favorite Spanish team.



Intergoles is a website that offers links that are on other sites, such as Redirect or Pirlo TV. The latter requires registration, so it is worthwhile to visit Intergoles and watch Pirlo TV matches without having to register.


Redirect Online

It has almost the same name as the first one on this list, but it is not the same website or the same owners. Roja Directa Online offers us football matches of any country or competition, both of selections and clubs, both league and continental championships. On the web warn that the links will be placed just before the game starts, so there is the best thing is to enter minutes before and go refreshing the web browser.



A page that I was recommended a long time ago, I find it fascinating and also has a great design is Livefootballol. If we look at the left side, we see that there are practical all the football leagues, at least the European ones. If we click on any league, we will see that it is empty unless it is match day. This makes the web much better visibility but leaves a bad taste in the mouth that we get rid of when there is game. No doubt, I think we should keep it in our favorites.


Football Streaming

Another highly recommended is Football Streaming. The design of the page, head apart, is not very attractive, everything must be said. Anyway, what interests us are the links, and in Football Streaming we will be able to see matches of the most prestigious leagues like English, Spanish, Italian or German. As it can not be otherwise in a web dedicated to the sports king, also put parties of selections or continental competitions.

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