Best Apps To Stream Movies Online [Android/iOS]

best apps to stream movies online

Best Apps To Stream Movies Online [Android/iOS]

Posted OnMay 23, 2017 0

Our phones are getting smarter and smarter day after day, as a result of which we can perform almost any virtual task with it. We use our smartphone to make our daily life better and easier. But on the other hand, some people still struggle to stream movies on their smartphone. Don’t you think it would be great if we become capable of streaming HD movies on the go through our smartphones? Well, if you are one of the people who is interested in doing this job, you are at right place.

best apps to stream movies online

In this article, I will be listing the Best apps to stream movies in HD. You can also watch your favourite TV shows on few of these apps. My personal favorite app, which I have not included in this list is 123movies iOS app. Do check it out as well.

Best apps to stream movies in HD:

  1. Netflix – Netflix is the most popular app around the globe to stream movies and TV series.  Netflix’s flexible plans allow you to stream your favourite content through multiple devices in Full HD. Netflix also features few of their Netflix only, exclusive content. Netflix is available for both Android and iOS devices with a one-month free trial.
    Download link for Android –
    Download link for iOS –
  2. YouTube – YouTube is the hub of most diverse content and is the largest content streaming platform in the world. One can easily find movies and TV shows on YouTube. YouTube offers streaming videos up to 4k resolution. YouTube has the most advanced streaming technology which provides smooth user-experience even if you are on a slow internet network. If you are an Android user then most probably you have YouTube pre-installed in your device if not click here to download YouTube app for your Android device.
    For iOS devices click here.
  3. Google Play Movies – If you are the kind of people who loves downloading movies to watch them. Then this app is made for you. Google play movies allow you to download movies and watch them for free. Interested? Download this app now.
    To download for your android device click here.
    To download for your iOS device click here.
  4. Hotstar – Hotstar is a user-friendly, beautifully designed app. It has a similar working pattern as Netflix. Just like Netflix, you can select any of the suitable plans and stream some of the most popular and Hotstar exclusive content on the go, but unlike Netflix, Hotstar features a free plan where you can watch limited movies and TV shows. Currently, this app is only available for the Indian consumer. You can only use Hotstar in India. To download this app for Android click here. To download this app for iOS click here.
  5. Popcorn Flix – Popcorn Flix is one of the free app available in the market, to watch free movies and TV shows. The best feature of Popcorn Flix is their ability to update their movie database quickly. They regularly update movies to offer best possible user-experience. Popcorn Flix offers movies from all genres which allow their user to watch their favourite content without worrying about any hidden charges.
    To download Popcorn Flix for your android device click here.
    To download Popcorn Flix for your iOS device click here.

Final Verdict:

All the apps mentioned above are expert in doing their jobs, but my personal favorite is NetFlix as it offers the best user experience among all the apps. Netflix has some of the best exclusive content.


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